“Christians Lyons is a perfectionist when it comes to interior finishes and custom Venetian plaster. I had the good fortune to work with him early in my career and he set the benchmark very high. His attention to detail and gorgeous color tones work well with any style of design. I would definitely recommend him to any designer or home owner.”

~ Jo Ann Hartley, Principal of Jo Ann Hartley Interior Design



Kraftwerk brings over 20 years of expertise in plaster, steel, and concrete, offering endless creative possibilities to any residential or commercial, private or public project.

We are a local company offering a variety of services in the Bay Area and beyond, to help make your concepts a reality, including:

~ Custom Plaster Finishes

~ Venetian Plaster                     

~ Limestone Finishes

~ Colored Veneer Plaster / Concrete Staining

~ Plaster Stone Casting and Fireplace Fabrication

~ Distressed Finishing 

~ Concrete and Shotcrete Finishes           

~ Sculptural Creations

~ Structural / Sculptural Metal Fabrication

~ Radial Design

~ Recreational Elements

Explore the possibilities with us today. To learn more about our sculptural recreational elements, visit, or